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Who wants to depart it has to know some important information, the temperature wanders around you have 30 degrees, useless therefore to go himself wool sweaters, heavy shoes, or how much other makes to think about the winter, (this let's leave in italia)

Now local it is 7 hours before now GMT (the italia is +1 GMTs) Not you consume water of the faucet, if not first having boiled her/it, with an European you can purchase 9 liters of it. You coin. it is not a problem the use of the most common papers you credit, the institutes of change they are open every day, her banks are closed the Saturday and the Sunday, you smaller coin in circulation is the quarter of bath but they is almost that cannot be found, then you and the 1 bath, 5 baths, 10 baths, all the coins year represented on a side the effigy of the king, and on the Other one you/he/she is represented you a Buddhist temple, in paper coin we have: 10 beat, from collection to have them, (in three months I have had for the hands of it 2 banknotes), 20 beat 50 beat 100 beat 500 beat, and here the Thais start to put on her hands among the hair, when they have to change, and to end those of which you will always have the Full portfolio, 1000 beat (I think both for this, that the thai sees the tourist as an itinerant banknote) You current electric, it is of 220 volts to 50 hzes the 99 percent of the buildings they are unprovided of taking of earth, he/she took her year this format ==

To call in Italy you have to compose 00139,La current language it is the Thai, some people know the English, but a lot of they speak badly it. The principal distances from Bangkok on practicable road in bus, (the railway line doesn't cover the whole territory yet)

angkor wat 456
aranyaprathet 272
ayuthaya 88
chanthaburi 317
chiang mai 701
chiang rai 830
chon buri 83
chumphon 464
haad yai 1284
hua him 192
kanchanaburi 129